Andrewland Stories

Little Sally woke up to a bright and glorious day. She was wearing her pink unicorn pajamas. She had a pink ribbon in her hair. Her mother had painted her fingernails and toenails pink just the night before. She sprang out of bed and rushed over to the window. She could see a cardinal at the bird feeder, and a blue jay in the bird bath. She imagined she saw the lawn gnomes waveing good morning to her. She felt happy, and expected wonderful things to happen today. After all, it was the day she turned seven years old.

She remembered her mother telling her that a girls seventh birthday was always magical. She said that the universe loved little girls, and always granted a special wish on their seventh birthday. Sally hoped that she would finally get a unicorn that she could love and pet and ride to get candy at the candy store.

While she was standing at the window, she suddenly thought she heard something. Something wonderful. She was sure. It could only be the purring of a kitten. She turned, and listened hard, trying to find where the purring was coming from.

Sally opened her door and went into the hallway. The purring was louder. It was coming from the end of the hallway. But why would there be a kitten in that closet? She didn't know, but knew she had to rescue it, and hold it in her lap and love it.

She ran to the closet door and flung it open. Yes, there was a little grey and white kitten laying on the floor. It had its paws curled against it tummy, and was making the loudest purr Sally had ever heard.

“Poor kitty, how long have you been in this dark closet?” The kitten purred louder, and reached out its paws towards Sally. It was more than Sally could stand, and she picked up the kitten. She sat on the floor and started petting the kitten, saying silly things and showing the kitten all the love she could.


Sally's mother woke up feeling good about the day. It was her daughter's seventh birthday, and she had a wonderful party planned. She went to get Sally up for breakfast, but couldn't find her. Sally wasn't in her bed. Sally's mother heard a sound, and followed it to the hall closet. But when she opened the door, it wasn't her precious daughter. What she found was a kitten, in the lap of something that looked like Sally. But it couldn't be Sally. What the mother saw was a human shell with dead eyes. And the kitten in its lap had a strangely curious smile on its face.


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