Andrewland Stories

Billy and Sam were on their way home from school. Billy was 8 and Sam was 7. They were in the second grade. They were best friends, and spent most of their time together.

Billy couldn't wait to get home. He had gotten a B+ on his spelling test, and his mom always gave him some ice cream when he did well in school. And of course she would give some ice cream to Billy's best friend Sam, so they were both in a hurry to get there. So instead of taking the streets, the boys decided to take the shortcut through the woods.

It wasn't a large woods, but it did take 15 minutes to walk from one side to another. It was full of maple trees, and there were clear paths to take. But the most fun of all was how used to people the furry little creatures were. If you were quiet, you could see rabbits or deer eating, or just waiting around to do critter things.

Billy and Sam were about a third of the way through, and a rabbit ran across their path. They thought that was really lucky. After they had gotten hardly any bit further at all, another rabbit ran across their path. Boy, they thought they must be double lucky today. But when a herd of five rabbits crossed their path, stopped, and then scurried on, they got a little freaked out. Still feeling lucky, but just a little weird. So when they got to the clearing, and saw two herds of rabbits, they panicked. All they could think of was all those rabbit ears twitching. All those rabbit eyes staring. All those rabbit mouths drooling. But rabbits don't drool. They turned around and starting walking back. Quickly. But when they heard the rabbits start to move, they started running.

They had almost made it back to the street when Sam tripped and fell. And started screaming. Billy was so scared he didn't even look back. He didn't stop running until he got back to the school.


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