Andrewland in Pasadena Texas

Welcome to my city. I live in Pasadena, Texas.

With a population of over 150,000 people, you will always find someone to talk to. And talk they will. You have never seen such friendly people. They will say hello to you whether you like that sort of thing, or am a misanthrope like any normal person should be.

Pasadena is bordered on the West by the City of South Houston, on the East by the city of Deer Park, on the North and South by other stuff. My map isn't too clear about what is there.

Pasadena is not too hard to get to. Once you drive into the city limits, find the doorway. There is a picture of it to the right. Open the door and climb down the spiral stairs. There is a light switch just below the door to the left.

Door to Pasadena

As you descend down the stairs, you will find you may be overdressed. It gets a little warm as you get further down. Must be all the fire and brimstone.

You may need earplugs when you get close to the bottom, to block out all the wailing and teeth gnashing. Actually, the teeth gnashing doesn't really make any noise, but the phrase teeth gnashing is fun to say.

When you finally get to the bottom, after a long, long time, you will see a doorway. Above the doorway is a sign, in latin,that translates to something like "Abondon All Hope All Who Enter Here." The city fathers could have been more creative, but they took the easy way out and quoted Dante.

Pasadena Dog Parks

The city has two off-leash dog parks, where the pooches can run free. And once they finally taste freedom, just try to get them back on those leashes.

Each park has one area for small dogs, and one area for large dogs. Each park is open from dawn to dusk.

Each park provides bags so you can collect your pooch's poop. They also have a special trash can for the poop, but if you want to take it home, no one will try to stop you.

The older dog park is called Paws in the Park, and is located on Burke Road, right behind the animal shelter. Each area of this park is a grassy field with a covered picnic table. Around the edges are benches. Each side also has an obsticle course for owners who feel like being humiliated because their pets refuse to jump through an old tire or climb a set of stairs.

Burke Road Dog Park

The other dog park is located in Prosperity Park, which is on Red Bluff near the corner with Spencer Highway. This park opened in November of 2014. Each side of this park is a grassy field with covered benches. There is a walking path going around each parimiter. The paths are paved with fine gravel, so if you collapse from taking too many laps with your dog, you will have a nice soft surface for him to drag you the rest of the way.

Prosperity Park

Pasadena Strawberry Festival

Pasadena has a festival every year to honor the wonderous strawberry. Not that I like strawberries all that much, but it doesn't pay to antagonize the locals.

One of the high points of the Strawberry Festival is the crowning of the Strawberry queen. And wonderous (there is that word again) her powers are. She gets to pick one person, tradtionally called Strawberry Bob, and yell "off with his head". The Strawberry Guards drag the unlucky person off, tie him to a post, and place a large strawberry on his head. And believe you me, the bigger the strawberry, the better for Strawberry Bob.

The Queen then gets to pick one other person, tradtionally called The Strawberry Avenger, to shoot the strawberry off Strawberry Bob's head. The Strawberry Guards hand the Strawberry Avenger a bow and arrow, and he takes aim and fires. It may sound dangerous, but Strawberry Bob is hardly ever actually killed. He usually just loses an eye or part of his nose. It is great fun for the whole family.

Well, to be perfectly honest, it isn't much fun for Strawberry Bob. Or his family. If Strawberry Bob was your husband or father, you might actually be upset. Unless you don't really like your husband or father, then you will probably think it is all great fun.

One of the sponsers of the Strawberry Festival every year is Billy Bobs Family Counseling Company.


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