Andrewland Has Dogs

There are two dogs in Andrewland. The one on the left is named Rico, and the one on the right is named Windy.

Now before anyone writes an angry letter that we misspelled Windy's name, let me explain. Most of the time when a name sounds like Windy, it is spelled Wendy, and we know that. But we named this dog after a song by the Association that was a hit way back in 1967. If you don't like they way THEY spelled the name, then you had better take it up with them, handn't you. Unfortunately for you, I bet they are all dead by now (I am too lazy to do the research), so you might have a bit of trouble complaining to them after all. I do have an old Ouija board for sale if you really HAVE to complain to someone. Or you could give your mother-in-law a call and tell HER how stupid we all are here in Pasadena, and she would probably agree with you, and after all, isnt' that what mothers-in-law are for anyway? No way are they there just to loan you the good bone china for the Thanksgiving gathering that no one wants to come to because you did, after all, never learn how to prepare a good turkey, and the cranberry sauce is the jelled kind instead of the whole berry kind like Uncle Ernie preferrs, but who cares what Uncle Ernie likes, anyway, after the way he got drunk that one time and told how you wet your pants in second grade while giving a recital of the story of how the pilgrims made friends with the indians.

Hey, did I ever tell you how we found our dogs? I didn't think so.


We got Rico when we were remodeling our kitchen. We had the cats put away in the bedroom, the one with the door that never latches properly so you have to block it closed someway, but it is really hard to do because the door opens into the bedroom so you have to sort of tie a weight to the door. Anyway, we had the garage door open because they crew was bringing materials in, and Rico just walked into the house. He walked up to me and asked me to pet him. So of course I had to.

And he never left.


We got Windy after she was abandoned at Crenshaw Park. We used to walk Rico there, and noticed that there was this white and black dog that seemed to be living there. After a few weeks it became obvious that she was abandoned. We starting bringing her food. We had to make a little pile on the ground and then back away several feet because she wouldn't let anyone touch her. But she did eat the food.

After a while it was obvious that she was pregnant, and would give birth soon. We had spent a good bit of time debating what to do, and paying attention to her from several feet away. She would follow us, but wouldn't let anyone near enough to touch her.

Finally, one Saturday, she was laying down on her belly, and I walked up to her. This time she let me sit right next to her. Without warning, she rolled over and let me touch her belly. I guess she decided she had been homeless long enough, and I had put in the time and effort for her to trust me. I picked her up, and we got her over to the animal shelter so they could check her out.

The next Monday we went to the shelter and put our name on a list to adopt her. We were relieved to be the first on the list, but to be honest, I don't know if there was anyone behind us. Anyway, a week later we were able to pick her up. Remember I said she had been pregnant? Unfortunately, none of the puppies survived. She has been with us since then, and we have all grown to adore each other.


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