My Andrewland Diary - February 2016

February 2, 2016 Monday -- Groundhog Day

I have guaranteed no more Winter. I rigged up a tripwire above the Groundhog hole, and when he poked his little head up to check for his shadow, that set off the dynamite. After that we had a wonderful cookout, serving Groundhog Kabob.

February 4, 2016, Thursday

I am going to invite my neighbor Bob over to eat every day for the next month. I am going to feed him steak smothered in A1 sauce. I figure at the end of that month, he will be “marinated from the inside.” After that, I will invite him over for a “cook out”.

February 5, 2016, Saturday

I decided I need to start investing in the stock market. I looked at the return on my savings, and it still sucks. I went to one of the market screening websites, found the top performing mutual fund for the past five years, and invested in that. I also joined The Motley Fool and invested in one of the stocks they recommend.

February 6, 2016, Saturday

Today is the start of the "Back Yard Project". We have let the back yard go for years, and the grass is high enough to hide pets and small children. I will have to pay close attention when I mow. If there is any screaming, I will know that I hit one.

Check out my "Back Yard Project" page for details and updates. The page should be up in a couple of days.

February 8, 2016, Monday

I feel cheated. Here I am, minding my own business, not getting in anyone's way, and all of a sudden I realize I am optimistic. This is a clear violation of the Curmudgeon’s Creed, which is “don’t be optimistic if you can justify pessimism”. The only thing that is saving me from utter despair is my new web project, which will either get me arrested, or committed for being “a danger to myself or others”.

I told this to my sister, who replied "I'll send bad thoughts your way." Now who could ask for a better sister than that?

Now to go find something to complain about before this gets out of hand.

February 9, 2016, Wednesday

I am starting to improve my financial situation. I finally decided to switch ISPs, and will save about $50 per month.

February 11, 2016, Thursday

I am continuing to improve my financial situation. I updated the passwords on all my bank and credit card web accounts. I also checked which of my credit cards have annual feels, and will either close them, or get the fee removed.

February 12, 2016, Friday

I am continuing to improve my financial situation. I realized that I didn't have a good handle on what my credit cards can do for me. I checked a Google search engine for credit cards, and learned that I already have an account at the bank with the best overall cash back card. But I didn't have that type of credit card, so I submitted an on-line application and was approved just a few minutes later. Now I just have to wait for the new card to arrive in the mail.

Next I am going to look into refinancing my mortgage.

February 13, 2016, Saturday

I discovered a site called Pledge Music It is a crowdfunding site for musicians. I found that one of my favorite artists, Anna Nallck is registered and will have a new album out in March 2016.

February 17, 2016, Wednesday

Decided to go ahead and purchase tickets to several concerts. One will be Bonnie Raiit. That should be a treat.

February 20, 2016, Saturday

Started using KMyMoney to organize my finances. It is different than Quicken, but I think it will be as useful. I can keep track of expenses, income, balance statements, and do a budget. I am not sure what else I will want to do.

February 21, 2016, Sunday

Patched several servers for work. Working weekends and off hours is just part of the job of an admin.

February 20, 2016, Saturday

I got the back yard mowed. There is lots more work to do, but it looks pretty good, at least compared to how it did yesterday.

February 29, 2016, Monday

I cancelled my newpaper subscription today. I called, and the guy tried to switch me from every day delivery to just weekends, and then just Wednesday and Sunday. When I asked to talk to his supervisor, he said something like "you really want to cancel, don't you?" I said yes. Around here you pay for the paper before you get it. He said I would get a refund in about 10 days.

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