Welcome to Andrewland

Did you pay the entrence fee? If not, we can take care of that on the way out.

Andrewland consists of a house surrounded by a moat, and beyond that, a forest.

The moat is stocked with all the latest in deadly aquatic things, like sharks, stingrays, and really pissed off divers who always have to hide from the other stuff.

The forest is home to creatures such as elves and garden gnomes, and a delightful assortment of critters large and small. The gnomes tend to the gardens, because, they are, you know, garden gnomes. The elves come in three main varieties: house elves, forrest elves, and dungeon elves. The house elves tend to the house. They do wonderful things like cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floors, and washing the windows. The forest elves tend to the forrest and all the critters that live there. The dungeon elves tend to the dungeon, but we will leave that subject for another time.

The forest itself consists of trees that reach towards the sky, and all the undergrowth. Please don't let your children roam by themselves, because there are some bushes that tend to eat children. They make it quick so it isn't too painful. (I hope)

In back of the house is a series of gardens. The first is full of the most wonderous herbs, and amazing statuary. It is surrounded by an impenetrable hedge. Unfortunately, since the impenetrable hedge grew up, I haven't been able to get inside. It is, impenetrable, after all.

2016 New Years Resolutions

  1. Put up with life one day at a time.

  2. Be less wonderful, so I don't use up all the wonderfulness in the world.

  3. Learn the skill of depraved indifference.

  4. Learn divination using the Elder FUTHARK alphaet.

Partial Bucket List

  1. Build a garden of miniture tomb stones.

  2. Write a bunch of best selling books.

  3. See the final two Star Wars movies. and

  4. Qualify for as many as possible.

  5. Other stuff

  6. Education

    • Masters degree in Math
    • PhD in Physics

  7. Finish shredding the ten-year backlog of monthly invoices in the filing cabinet.

  8. Finish each project that I

Pasadena Texas

Andrewland is nestled in the City of Pasadena, Texas


We have two adorable dogs in Andrewland.

Stuff about Monsters

Over the years, I have learned a few things about monsters

My Diary

This year I have started a diary.

Bedtime Stories for Wicked Children

This book is a collection of bedtime stories for wicked children. We hope to provide enough soul crushng darkness that the little tykes grab their heads and yell out “my brain is melting”.

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